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Guess what you’re doing at 4 PM PST (7 PM EST)?

…Whatever it is that you’re doing. But when you’re all finished, you can come back tomorrow and watch The SPG Half Hour on our YouTube!

Or you can catch it LIVE in just a few short hours!

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Congratulations Cavalcadians, we have reached the end of the Fourth Official Cavalcadium Contest! This contest focused on costuming Kazoolanders and features three Olympic sized medals as prizes! These are one-time costume pieces that you can wear proudly to all future SPG events.

Before we get on to the winners however, I’d like to thank everyone for participating. The judging was CLOSE. One judge said they’d throw a fit if the mermaid didn’t make it to the final round. Another fought for the red-lipped mime. We had a struggle on our hands over which costumes ultimately won - and that should make you feel very, very proud.

On top of these costumes, our BONUS round this time around encouraged Cavalcadians to donate clothing to the needy. These past few months have been harsh for many people with the long winter, and donating clothing is a great way to improve the quality of life of those in your community. We donated over seventy items of clothing to various charities. 

Y’all are amazing. Each person who submitted a picture of their donations will receive a piece of SPG merchandise. Sit tight, too - everyone who donated is also up to win 100$ towards custom steampunk goggles.

Now. Without further ado, here are our winners: 

First place was taken by Ulla the reigndeer fawn. Judges adored the backdrop and the way Ulla interacted with her environment.

Second place went to Elara the electro-vampire. She made a shocking blue matter impression on the judges and came out only just barely over …

Pincut, our third place winner! Pincut’s costume was called “dreamlike” and lovely. 

We also have a runner up - Virgil the Hat made it to the final round and had the highest number of votes of those who did not place! Virgil the Hat and their creator Ramshackle will receive an SPG gift-package.

Thank you for your participation. Please get into contact with RileyLaRoux as soon as possible to sort out shipping