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Steam Powered Giraffe will be playing at Elliot Hall at Steamposium in Seattle, WA, Saturday September 27th at 6:30 PM. Tickets are $20, and available from the ticketing page. Admission is limited to Steamposium attendees. 

Pre-Sale Tickets for The Saturday Paid Photo Op are on sale now! Secure yours today!


11 am - Paid SPG Photo Op - SPG Merch Table

2 pm - Q&A With SPG - Bay Auditorium

6:30 PM - Concert with SPG - Elliot Hall

Con Tickets on sale now!

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The Walter Worker Rainbow


Riley and I briefly spoke about what happens to Walter Workers with darker skin types. Since there’s really no actual science behind Walter Girl transformations (it’s a little magical) …the closest you could get is taking it as pigment being mutated and desaturated. I imagine not every Walter Worker would turn white- but literally…color is sapped from their face. With blue blood, Walter Workers could probably come in more of a variety of colors than you might originally think. Not just ivory white.

For example, meet Riley’s friend Aysha, who did a wonderful Walter Girl cosplay.

I love this concept because it shows what might happen to a Walter Girl of color. And she’s got beautiful gray skin. Riley and Aysha argue that some people could come out as different shades of gray. Like blue-gray or purple-gray.

Walter Girl Carolina, who performed with us in our live shows, chose a white makeup though- and I think it was probably just for symmetries sake with the co-worker at her side. Plus, I can imagine a gray Walter Girl being mistaken for a robot even more-so than they already do!

Stage-reasoning aside, your Walter Workers could be just as varied as you see fit. We’ve seen Gabi’s Walter Faun for example…and in a world where magic is real, well…the possibilities are endless.

I hope this post was inspiring to you all as seeing her cosplay was to me! I hope you guys continue to come up with cool characters and outfits for the inhabitants of our crazy lil world. :)