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Anonymous asked: If you ever come to florida, can I have a hug from all of you? ; - ; you guys are my favorite band

We give good hugs! ~Bunny

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Steam Powered Giraffe Performs Near 10 PM!

Tonight at Youmacon, Steam Powered Giraffe is scheduled to be the headliner. Our set should start around 10 PM, but you should make your way to the concert area by 7 PM to grab your seats in case of an earlier start time, and to and enjoy the other wonderful acts! Our local San Diego buddies Random Gibberish are opening the evening and you won’t want to miss what’s in store!

The Walter Girls will be selling merchandise after the show in front of the Ballroom, and don’t forget that we have photo ops, panels, and autograph sessions all weekend!


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Halloween Buttons Available at the SPG Merch Booth The Rest of the Weekend!

The Hallow’s End might be over, but we still have tons of buttons to give away! Find us in the COBO dealer’s hall and get your free swag!

We’ll also be selling various Steam Powered Giraffe merchandise and photo prints that you can have signed by the band tomorrow and or Sunday!

And don’t forget…our concert is tonight! We will have a better estimate of when we go on later today. But if you want to catch all the acts, the program starts at 7 PM!


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