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Join the Engineer-eteer Program!

Hello everyone!

In case you missed it, last year we teamed up with to bring you an insider’s look into our creative process.

Thus was born the Steam Powered Giraffe Engineer-eteer Program!

When you become an Engineer-eteer, you get complete access to our entire song library, including lyrics, chords, artwork, and behind-the-scenes information on how we bring it all together. You also get to watch private video blogs from our members, and when any new material is released- you’ll be the first to know!

These are just some of the things we’re sharing with you through the Engineer-eteer Program, a way to bring our fans closer to our work, provide feedback on upcoming projects, and for you to have an active role in keeping us doing what we love.

Realistically it would take a musician selling 12,388 tracks per month on iTunes to make minimum wage.

It would take 120 patrons $10 a month to earn the same amount. That’s why we’ve worked with to create the means for you to connect with our band and make music happen.

Through this service, we can continue making the things you enjoy, and you get to be patron of the arts and rewarded with cool stuff with weekly updates.

The exclusive content is available now for your enjoyment!

Bookmark and become an Engineer-eteer!

Always Grateful,

Bunny Bennett (Rabbit)

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