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Steam Powered Giraffe Wild Wild West Con Schedule

March 8 - 10, 2013, Tucson, Arizona

Join San Diego’s musical automatons for Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, Arizona!
The bot band will be playing it up at the concert Saturday night along with Abney Park, and there are SPG panels to attend all weekend!

Sunday, the heroes from SPG’s songs will be roaming Old Tucson for autographs and photos, so be on the lookout for Rex Marksley, Lily Airheart, and Captain Albert Alexander!

You can also get some professional photos taken by Beth & James Riley at the Steam Powered Giraffe Merchandise Booth! For $20 you get a high quality photo print with the band and a digital copy.

Friday at 1 PM you can get your high quality photos taken with the robots.
And Sunday at high noon you can get photos at the booth with the Steam Powered Giraffe heroes!

Below is our complete schedule. We hope to see you there!


11:00 AM at Chapel - Meet Steam Powered Giraffe Panel
Learn about San Diego’s quirky automaton band and the actors behind it! Then get some autographs from all the members!

1:00 PM at Merch Booth – Beth & James Riley Photo Shoot With The Band

Stop by the Steam Powered Giraffe Merch Booth for your chance to get professional photographs with the entire band taken by Beth and James Riley. Shoot includes a photo print and digital copy.


7:00 PM at Saloon – Concert with Professor Elemental, Steam Powered Giraffe, and Abney Park


12:00 PM at Merch Booth – Beth & James Riley Photo Shoot With The Steam Powered Giraffe Heroes

At the Steam Powered Giraffe Merch Booth you can get professional photographs by Beth and James Riley with Rex Marksley, Lily Airheart, Captain Albert Alexander, and their friends! Shoot includes a photo print and digital copy.

2:00 PM at Chapel - Meet Steam Powered Giraffe

As the convention winds down, here’s your last chance to meet the band and get your autographs!

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