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How do you show your robot pride?

Why not wear it on your wrist! Today you can go to the Steam Powered Giraffe official shop by clicking here, and you too can get your own character wrist bands! Nothing like a colorful piece of silicone swingin’ around your arm to tell people, “Hey! I like Steam Powered Giraffe, and you should too!”

As you can see, the wrist bands are available in seven different characters. There’s Hatchworth in orange. Steve Negrete in red. The Spine in Silver. Michael Reed in purple. Rabbit in oxidized teal. A black and red Steam Powered Giraffe, featuring a giraffe head. And, the wrist band you’ve been waiting for, Matt Smith in blue! Yay!

The wrist bands are available in adult and youth sizes. Collect them all today, and show off your colorful wrists!

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