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Where can you meet GG The Steam Powered Giraffe, The Walter Workers, and see a full 2 hour concert by the original steam man band? Well, we’ve tightened all the screws, defragmented the harddrives, and turned the dial up to 11 for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Join Steam Powered Giraffe back in their hometown of San Diego Thursday, July 24th and see the show how it was meant to be experienced! Special appearances by the other Walter bots GG The Giraffe, QWERTY, and BeeBop! Get your tickets today!
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Tickets On Sale Now!

Thursday, July 24th in San Diego, CA for Comic-Con!

For VIP Experience purchasers, the photo-ops are scheduled to start at 4:00 PM PST Thursday, July 24th. Please arrive an hour early!

Doors open for General Admission at 6:00 PM PST Thursday, July 24th.

Show scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.
All tickets are proscenium stage style seating.

General Admission - $25

Steam Powered Giraffe
VIP Package - $100

Behind The Steam

Go behind the scenes right before the show with this unique experience! You’ll get a sneak peak at what goes on while the crew is still prepping the robots, and you never know what you might see!

Take a whimsical tour behind the curtain and meet the robots of Steam Powered Giraffe live in person! Your package gets you an exclusive professional photo and a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into sound check with three crazy robots. Sound Man Steve Negrete will lead you through an exclusive look at the technology behind the robots and the band. Learn firsthand about the band’s instruments, and greet The Walter Girl’s at their booth to receive exclusive goodies and first dibs on the night’s merchandise!

- Front-of-House Ticket To The Show
- Professional Photo, of you with the robots of Steam Powered Giraffe!
- VIP Sound Check Access to watch the band warm up before showtime!
- VIP Gift Bag featuring unique swag!
- Exclusive Signed Show Poster
Photo Op FAQ:

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