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January 17th, 2014 San Diego Show Cancelled!

Hello robot enthusiasts!

Unfortunately we just found out that the venue for our upcoming San Diego show was unintentionally double booked. We couldn’t have set up and performed the show with these new circumstances. Due to this the January 17th, 2014 show in San Diego has been cancelled.

Anyone who bought a ticket will get a refund. You should be able to receive your refund through Brown Paper Tickets’ website. (
If you encounter any problems, please contact:

Jeff Knight -

I know this must be upsetting for many of you who have been waiting for our return. We’re all very upset as well and we’re going to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The band is scheduling a new show for San Diego in a few months, and we’ll announce details soon.

Bunny Bennett, Sam Luke, & David Michael Bennett

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The Band has posted NEW Content for Engineer-eteers!

MK III Album Art Preview!
Take a look at some of the lyric booklet art by Bunny and Sam!

What’s an Engineer-eteer? This service grants special patrons like yourself exclusive content in addition to our complete musical collection. You’ll get to experience the gears and wires behind our act via journals and video blogs, while supporting our continuing journey to make music and spread the love!

Click here for more info:

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