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Tumblr Questions Disabled For Summer!

Well that’s that! We’ve answered what we could, but unfortunetly our time at the zoo means we don’t have time to answer the plethora of questions in our inbox!

Here’s where you can help! We get a lot of repeat questions, so if you need to know something, first check our FAQ here.

There’s also quite a lot of questions on our Facebook- so if you’d like to lend a hand to curious folks, we’d appreciate it if you could help us give everyone the correct information!

We’ll be back to answering your questions after September 3rd, until then- if you have a specific question for one of the band members, here’s a complete list of our Tumblrs. You’re more likely to get a reply!

Sam Hears:
Michael Reed:
David Bennett (The Spine):
Steve Negrete:
Bunny Bennett (Rabbit):

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